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LA Unified’s Best Become ‘Chef Masters’ — Only on Bravo

Chase Niesner | September 19, 2013

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From left to right: LAUSD teacher Carlos Lauchu, teacher Jeffry Austin, GQ food critic Alan Richman, Superintendent Deasy, Top Chef judge Gail Simmons, judge James Oseland, teacher Emily Grush, judge Curtis Stone, and teacher Stacey Joy.

Four LA Unified teachers of the year for 2012 and Superintendent John Deasy were treated to a meal on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters” last night that they won’t soon forget.

Pictured above are Deasy (fourth from left) and the teachers (with certificates): Carlos Lauchu of Millikan Middle School; Jeffery Austin of the Social Justice Humanitas Academy at the Cesar Chavez Learning Academies; special education teacher Emily Grush; and Stacey Joy of Baldwin Hills Elementary School.

Deasy was all smiles feasting on three different types of caviar and smoked salmon. He marveled over a dish of calamari pasta.

“Just when you think you know what bolognese is!” he said between forkfuls.

Though he may not have proved to have the most sophisticated palate, Deasy did make a good impression.

Top Chef Masters critic James Osborne wrote on his blog that Deasy “led us in a wonderful, fascinating, spirited discussion about teachers and their value, and every one of us wound up sharing memories of the ways our educations shaped us into who we are.”

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