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LASR poll results: Readers say stop Broad plan to help enrollment

Craig Clough | November 30, 2015

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OPINION.POLL_Most readers responding to the latest LA School Report poll said that stopping the Eli Broad-led plan to expand charter schools in LA Unified was the best way to halt declining district enrollment.

In light of an LA Unified report that projected huge budget shortfalls due in part to declining enrollment, the poll asked readers, what the best fix could be. Close to 29 percent said stopping the Broad plan was the biggest major change the district could make to help enrollment.

Twenty-one percent said subdividing the district into additional local areas while giving local superintendents more control was the best option, while 13 percent had a rather doom-and-gloom outlook and answered, “None of the above. The district’s financial problems are too complex for a silver bullet solution. I think we’re in trouble.”

Ten percent thought expanding the language immersion and magnet schools was the best answer and nine percent thought converting to an all-charter district would best help enrollment. Tied for last at 8 percent was cutting the district in half and getting back to the basics of improving graduation and and test scores.

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