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LASR poll results: Readers value experience, an insider is OK, too

LA School Report | October 13, 2015

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OPINION.POLL_Most readers responding to the latest LA School Report poll said they want a new superintendent for LA Unified with experience, above all, and if the choice emerges from within the district, that’s fine, too.

The poll asked straight-forward questions about what was most desirable in the successor to Ramon Cortines, who is expected to step down in December.

Among 335 votes, more than a third of respondents, 36.12 percent, wanted “a veteran administrator with proven experience running a large school district,” while more than a quarter of voters, 25.97 percent, chose “an experienced LAUSD insider who has been with the district a long time.”

These two answers came out far ahead of “someone fresh” bringing new ideas (14.63 percent), “a

Candidate X – described as,” None of the above is most important. I just know the right person is out there, and I’ll know it when the search firm has found him/her,” did rather well all things considered, with 10.15 percent.

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