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Latest Fundraising Numbers

Hillel Aron | October 11, 2012

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As we told you yesterday, the quarterly fundraising reports for city elections including LAUSD board members just came in.

Monica Garcia, the sitting Board president, raised just over $75,000 in the last three months, bringing her fundraising total to $174,288. Of that, she’s spent $43,959, over half of which went to her campaign consultant, Charlotte Dobbs.

Board member Steve Zimmer managed to take in just $1,400 in the last three months, bringing his total to $11,264. It’s hard to know how much importance to attach to this number, as independent expenditures will almost certainly dominate these races. Nevertheless, it’s a troubling sign for Zimmer, who may face challenges from both the education reform community and the teachers union.

So far, at least, the candidates seeking to challenge incumbents Garcia and Zimmer have raised very little money.

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