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LAUSD 10th graders hold steady on state high school exit exams

LA School Report | September 19, 2014

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LAUSD high school exit examsThe state today released the latest California High School Exit Examination results, and the news for LA Unified is either encouraging or disappointing, depending on your point of view.

The percentage of district 10th-grade students who passed the on their first attempt, remained at near-historical highs, according to state figures showing that 68 percent of District 10th graders passed both the English Language Arts and mathematics portions of the exam in 2013-2014.

That compares with 69 percent from a year earlier, an all-time high, and with 44 percent in 2003-04, the year the exam was first given statewide.

“We held mostly steady for the year, but when you look at the historical trends, we’re making great progress in preparing our sophomores and other students for graduation,” Superintendent John Deasy said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that we have more work to do in serving our historically-underserved students, and we are committed to doing so.”

Overall, 78 percent of sophomores passed the English Language Arts portion of the test, and 79 percent passed the mathematics part, recording a 1-percentage point increase in both subjects from the previous year.

The results in English Language Arts for 10th graders compared with 71 percent in 2008-2009. In mathematics, L.A. Unified students have shown a similar pattern of growth.

The rate of 11th graders who passed both exams rose this year by one percentage point, to 80 percent from a year ago. Among seniors, 87 percent passed, a decline of 1 percentage point from the previous year.

Schools with the highest percentage point gain in 10th graders’ pass rates

                                                     May 2013  May 2014    1-Year Change

Marquez Senior High                        55%           72%              17%

R.F. Kennedy Senior High Arts         63%            79%              16% 

Jefferson Senior High                       49%            62%              13%

RFK UCLA Community School         60%            73%              13%

Rivera Learning Center                     52%            65%              13%

Torres Humanities/Arts/Tech            50%            63%              13%

Legacy Senior High                           61%            73%              12%

Chavez Language Arts                      49%            61%              12%

Rivera Learning Com & Tech             51%            63%              12%

Carson Academy of Med Arts           79%            90%               11%

RFK Ambassador Global                   51%           61%                10%

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