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LAUSD Leadership Shares Stage with Big-Money Donors

Hillel Aron | February 28, 2013

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Left to right: Garcia, Deasy, Wasserman, Broad and moderator Elise Buik, CEO of United Way

In addition to the high-pressure appearance of the candidates for Mayor of Los Angeles, the United Way summit at the LA Convention Center yesterday also included a morning discussion featuring LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, School Board President Monica Garcia, and school reform funders Casey Wasserman and Eli Broad,

Not surprisingly, the like-minded panelists generated little disagreement during their conversation.  At times, it seemed unclear that the panelists were even aware that deep disagreements existed at all.

“We know what a good school looks like,” said Wasserman. “We know what answers looks like. There’s only one side of this issue. There’s no debate.”

“The notion that we’re still having these debates about what a good evaluation system is almost embarrassing,” said Deasy. “It’s like, ‘really?'”

Garcia praised partnerships between LAUSD and businesses, which often donate money to charter schools –and School Board elections.

“We’ve seen what LA Unified could do by itself and it wasn’t good enough,” said Garcia, praising partnerships between LAUSD and businesses.

“We applaud any business that supports a school,” agreed Broad.

“I appreciate both your investments in LAUSD,” Deasy told Wasserman and Broad. “We will take all the help we can possibly get.”

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