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Morning Read: LAUSD says it needs billions for school repairs

LA School Report | February 28, 2014

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Billions would be needed to repair L.A. schools, officials say
Maintaining Los Angeles Unified campuses will be difficult because of staffing and funding shortages combined with repair backlogs, aging buildings and more than 100 new schools, officials said Thursday. LA Times

LA teachers can only afford 8.7 percent of LA houses
A new real estate study out from listing site Redfin shows that only 8.7 percent of the residences on the market in Los Angeles are at all affordable for working teachers in the city. CurbedLA

Surveys differ on teacher preparedness for Common Core
The results from two studies that examine teachers’ perceptions on the Common Core State Standards were released this week, and they come to some markedly different conclusions on how ready teachers are for implementation.  EdWeek

Summer and after-school programs provide a jump on Common Core
Adopted by California and 44 other states, the new standards emphasize an in-depth approach to subjects, the development of verbal and analytical skills, teamwork, and student-centered learning focused on real-world examples. Hands-on projects and robust discussions among students replace lecture-style teaching. EdSource

Wait, What? Educators Highly Satisfied With Classroom Autonomy, Morale

A recent report from the Center for American Progress (CAP), a progressive think-tank in Washington D.C., found that the majority of educators 1) are happy in their jobs and 2) report high levels of autonomy over almost “every aspect of teaching, including what to teach and how to teach.” NEAToday


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