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LAUSD Strikes Back: ‘Mythbusting’ the iPads

LA School Report | November 4, 2013

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images-2Either as a response to iPad problems or as prelude to the LA Unified School Board’s meeting tomorrow that’s focusing on technology — or maybe both — the district sent around a one-pager last week to set the record straight on the iPad program. It takes the form of “myth busting.”

Here is a concise summary, with the questions (myths) asked and the District’s answers (busting). For the complete explanations, click here.

Were they rushed out? No.

Was there a plan? Yes.

Have they been hacked? No, not really.

Were they a waste of money? No.

Is the software useless? No.

Did they forget to buy keyboards? No.

Should they have slowed down the rollout? Depends on whom you ask.




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