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LAUSD Suspensions: Not Great, but Not the Worst

Samantha Oltman | April 10, 2013

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Check out this visual breakdown of suspension and discipline rates in school districts across the country, via EdWeek.

The positive takeaway is that even three years ago (which is when the data used in this interactive was sampled), LAUSD’s rate of suspensions and expulsions was lower than in many other school districts in the nation.

While San Fernando High, the Los Angeles school with the highest suspension rate, had suspended 24 percent of its students, other schools in states like Georgia and Alabama were suspending 80 to 100 percent of their students.

But that doesn’t mean school discipline in LAUSD is in a good place — as LA School Report mentioned Tuesday, a host of recent studies on discipline policies in LA schools show, minority students are targeted for suspension and expulsion in far higher numbers than their white peers, and that high schools in Los Angeles vary widely in what percentage of students they suspend.

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