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Former Fremont Teacher Proposes Charter

Alexander Russo | December 10, 2012

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The next few months aren’t just going to be about teacher evaluation, removal of sexual predators, and budget items. The charter application, review, and approval process will continue — including those that will be discussed at tomorrow’s Board meeting.

At tomorrow’s Board meeting, items 16-20 are renewals or amendments to existing charters. But there are also new charters still being proposed — see item 32 here.

One of the most interesting new charter proposals might be Pathways, the brainchild of longtime LAUSD teacher Erica Hamilton, who’s worked in South LA.  She’s “exactly the kind of passionate educator LAUSD should be supporting in starting schools,” according to CalCharters’ Sierra Jenkins.

The former Fremont HS teacher was written up on the USC Annenberg news site in 2011 here.  You can read the 146-page Pathways application here.

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