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Lawyers seek state intervention at 2 more LA Unified schools

LA School Report | February 6, 2015

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judgeThe group of public interest lawyers that were behind the temporary restraining order that forced the state to fix an array of scheduling problems at Jefferson High School last fall have asked the court for intervention at two more LA Unified schools and three others in the state.

ACLU lawyer David Sapp said the order would direct the state to “ensure that all of their schools have course schedules for the students when school opens and aren’t using these fake classes to fill out students’ schedules,” according to KPCC. The two LA Unified schools that are the subject of the new legal request are Dorsey High and Fremont High.

The temporary restraining order at Jefferson and the latest request are part of the larger Cruz v. California lawsuit, which was brought by the ACLU and Public Counsel on behalf of students who allege the state is not assuring the quality of education for students from nine schools around California.

The temporary restraining order at Jefferson in October granted by Alameda Superior Court Judge George Hernandez, Jr. forced the state to fix the scheduling mess at Jefferson that had left many students in free period classes that offered no valuable learning time.

After the restraining order was granted, the LA Unified board approved a $1.1 million plan to fix the problems, which Hernandez ruled was in part due to glitches in the troubled MiSiS computer system. When school opened at Jefferson in the fall, hundreds of students had been assigned the wrong classes or no classes, leading to a student walkout in August.

The new request alleges the same problems are taking place at the five schools, according to KPCC, which also reported that Hernandez is expected to rule on the request next month.

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