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Partnership Head “Exploring” Run for Public Office

Hillel Aron | June 7, 2013

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Marshall Tuck

Marshall Tuck was 33 when Mayor Antonio VIllaraigosa asked him to leave his position at Green Dot Public Charter Schools to become the first CEO of a new entity called the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.

Six and a half years later — just a few weeks before Eric Garcetti takes over as the new Mayor of LA — Tuck is stepping down from the position and considering his options.

Tuck told LA School Report the timing of the decision had nothing to do with Villaraigosa leaving office or with Garcetti’s arrival.

“This was a hundred percent personal decision by me,” said Tuck. “The timing has to do with my belief that the organization is in a really strong place… We’re out of the start up-phase. I felt that it’s a good opportunity.”

Tuck doesn’t have any specific job lined up — at least not one that he’ll share with us — although he said he wants to work on making changes to education policy at the state level. He’s also “exploring” the idea of running for public office.

“There’s a lot of talent focused on school systems, but we need more talent focus on driving policy change… in Sacramento,” he said.

Taking Tuck’s place as head of the Partnership will be former Deputy Mayor for Education Joan Sullivan.

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