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Matt Damon and His Really Hard Public School Dilemma

LA School Report | August 9, 2013

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Look, sometimes it’s tough being famous. People crave what you have to say. They believe you when you espouse certain opinions. They trust you. They like to think you’re a Celebrity of Your Word.

But then there’s that touchy issue of education. Hmm. Yes, you’re a huge supporter of public schools . . . but maybe not for your kids. Your kids, you send to private school. The problem is, somebody calls you on it, as we see here in an essay in Time magazine, where Matt Damon explains that he’s chosen private school for his offspring because LA public schools are not “progressive” enough.

Not true, says John Deasy, the LA Unified superintendent, who offered to help the Damons find a school that conforms to their political sentiments. Wonder if they’ll take him up on it.

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