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McKenna asking his supporters to help retire campaign debt

Vanessa Romo | January 23, 2015

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George McKenna (center), at a campaign event flanked by Bernard Parks and Jan Perry

More than 17,000 District 1 voters put George McKenna on the LA Unified school board last year. Now he needs each of them to send him $2.06.

While candidates for this year’s school board elections are busy raising money, McKenna, is looking for help in paying off nearly $35,000 in campaign debts from last year.

In an email to supporters today, he wrote, “It is no secret that I was outspent by nearly 3 to 1. It took a tremendous effort to get the word out about my candidacy and motivate supporters to vote for me. Now I need your help again to get the word out about my campaign debt and motivate supporters to help me retire the debt.”

Indeed, McKenna collected nearly $348,000 in campaign contributions last year but he spent roughly $382,000 over the course of the race putting him about $34,000 in the red, which he needs to pay off soon.

“I must raise $25,000 by February 15, and another $10,000 by February 28, and I need your help,” he says in the email blast.

The city’s primary campaign debt reduction deadline is March 3.

At least the pressure is off this year. In an election to retain his seat, he’s running unopposed.

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