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McKenna has filed to seek LAUSD board seat again in 2015

LA School Report | August 28, 2014

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George McKenna files for next district 1 election

George McKenna, Board Member representing District 1

While George McKenna remained relatively quiet at his first board meeting this week, he has spoken loudly on one issue: He intends to run again for the District 1 seat next year.

Records show that he filed a Declaration of Intent To Solicit And Receive Contributions with the City Ethics Commission last week, a move that makes him eligible to raise and spend money on a re-election campaign next year.

In defeating Alex Johnson two weeks ago, McKenna won the right only to serve out the four-year term of Marguerite LaMotte, who died in office last December. By LA Unified custom, terms are up every other odd year, with districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 up next year and districts 2, 4 and 6 up again in 2017.

For the moment, McKenna has one opponent, Daymond Johnson, who declared his intention to run days before LaMotte died. He has since said that if he believes McKenna is doing a good job, he would withdraw.

McKenna, meanwhile, has more than $17,000 in cash remaining from his just-completed campaign and more than $21,000 in debts. By law, he must repay vendors owed money and offer to return campaign contributions, as part of working down to a zero balance.

Under no circumstances, according to law, can he use the money for his 2015 campaign.

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