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More Praise For Gov. Brown’s Funding Formula

Hillel Aron | June 12, 2013

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Governor Jerry Brown pitches his formula last month in LA — UTLA president Warren Fletcher in background

Superintendent John Deasy told LA School Report that the passage of Governor Jerry Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula was “probably the most important education public policy decision in 40 years.”

“This is beyond phenomenal,” he said. “I feel great.”

The LA Times editorial page also praised Brown this morning, saying, “with his decisive and, yes, stubborn insistence on fixing what was so badly broken, Brown will have helped the state’s neediest children for decades to come.” The Local Control Funding Formula “could well become the great legacy of his administration.”

There are some strings attached to the new formula, notes SI&A Cabinet Report — including more stringent reporting requirements for groups of different kinds of students within schools (special education, low-income, etc.) — which will likely affect some LAUSD schools.

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