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Morning Read: $1 billion more for Common Core moves forward

LA School Report | April 9, 2015

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Panel approves $1b allocation for Common Core
A proposal adding $1 billion for state schools transitioning to Common Core won easy passage Wednesday from a key legislative committee. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chicago is waiting to see if runoff battle has humbled Rahm Emanuel
Public school teachers, who were leading the charge against Emanuel and who went on strike, are already in negotiations for a new contract. New York Times

Lawsuit details new misconduct allegations against Marlborough teacher
A lawsuit filed in LA County Superior Court on Wednesday detailed new allegations of sexual misconduct by a former Marlborough School teacher. Los Angeles Times

Students struggle to get past instructions on practice tests
Educators worry that overly complicated instructions could interfere with students’ ability to get through the full battery of tests. Ed Source

Guiding principles for a more enlightened U.S. education policy
Congress and the White House are doing the porcupine dance as they try to reauthorize the education law called No Child Left Behind. Washington Post

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