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Morning Read: In bipartisan vote, House approves ‘No Child’ rewrite

LA School Report | December 3, 2015

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House leaves ‘No Child’ education law behind
The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bipartisan K-12 education bill.
Washington Post, By Lyndsey Layton

Leaves of absence tighten school labor pool
Teachers taking months-long breaks from schools have steadily increased over the past decade, according to a report to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
Cabinet Report, by Tom Chorneau

Some look Zuckerberg’s gift horse in the mouth
“If I was advising Zuckerberg, I think the question is: Is he searching for a silver-bullet solution?”
Politico, by Caitlyn Emma

No Child’ rewrite would give other states the freedom CA has already claimed
California is already in the process of changing its school accountability system.
Los Angeles Times, by Joy Resmovits

NEA boss apologizes for ‘chronically tarded’ and ‘medically annoying’ kids
The remarks drew stiff rebukes from parents of children with special needs and others in the disability rights community.
Washington Post, by Emma Brown

Why charter school teachers are split on unionization
The UTLA campaign at Alliance comes as education reformers are preparing for a dramatic expansion of charter schools.
LA Weekly, by Gene Maddaus

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