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Morning Read: A teachable moment, Star Wars in the classroom

LA School Report | December 18, 2015

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Star Wars 101: Teachers using the force to teach politics, myths, monsters
In order to amp up student engagement in their classrooms, these teachers aren’t using any Jedi mind tricks. But they are using The Force.
The 74, by Mark Keierleber

Teacher: Why I stopped assigning homework to my third graders
Teacher Lisa Nassar explains first-hand why giving up homework is the best thing to do for her students. She has taught third and fifth grades.
Washington Post, by Valerie Strauss

Glendale board denies charter; petitioners say they will appeal
The Glendale Unified School Board voted unanimously to deny a petition submitted by parents who sought to establish a charter school primarily because of financial issues.
Los Angeles Times, by Kelly Corrigan

Threats shut down 2 Indiana school districts; 2 students arrested
Just two days after a terror threat shut down the Los Angeles Unified School District, two Indiana public school districts were closed Thursday due to online threats.
News 3 Las Vegas

Study tracks the evolution of pro-creationism laws in the U.S.
A researcher used evolutionary biology to show that laws ostensibly aimed at improving science education are firmly rooted in efforts to make classrooms safe for creationism.
Los Angeles Times, by Karen Kaplan

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