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Morning Read: LA County Board of Education denies appeal of Glendale charter school

LA School Report | February 19, 2016

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LA County Board of Education denies appeal of Glendale charter school
County officials determined the plan “provides an unsound educational program,” according to the report.
Los Angeles Times, by Kelly Corrigan

Black male teachers a dwindling demographic
Nationally, black males represent roughly 2 percent of all public school teachers. America’s K-12 schools have never been more diverse, but efforts to diversify the nation’s teaching corps haven’t kept pace.
EdWeek, by Corey Mitchell

Glitches continue to haunt controversial Common Core exam
A number of glitches with Florida state exams still remain as testing dates approach, Lee County School District information technology experts said.
WINK News, by Nicole Valdes

Can you do better than this 10-year-old on SAT?
Catty Lemmon is smarter than most students her age, but is she mature enough to attend school with older students?
USA Today, by Lisa Larson

Report: 34,000 students on charter school waiting lists
The number released Thursday by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is down slightly from an earlier estimate of 37,000 students.

Photos show what it looks like to dress for school around the world
Whether you loved them or hated them, school uniforms have long been a subtle but important way to show membership of a community and pride of education.
Huffington Post, by Gabriela Landazuri Saltos

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