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Morning Read: A skeptical look at those ‘record’ graduation rates

LA School Report | June 10, 2015

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Grad rates up? Very little, at best!
A closer look at the evidence shows that, other than data collection, nothing much has changed in over 20 years. SI&A Cabinet Report

San Diego Unified says it will start following the law on charter school space
Under the terms of Prop. 39, charters are entitled to use district facilities, even if a neighborhood school currently occupies part of that space. Voice of San Diego

New school funding formula to get huge increase
A projected big infusion of state revenue next year will inject much more money into the new K-12 education finance system. Ed Source

Controversial vaccine bill heads to full assembly vote
The bill, if passed, would eliminate the option to not vaccinate kids based on personal or religious beliefs. KXTV

Michelle Obama urges Chicago graduates to transcend a tragedy
Two years after the shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton, Michelle Obama spoke to her graduating class. New York Times

A class of teenagers gave up smartphones for a week, and lived
Why some parents, teachers hope this becomes a global trend. Hechinger Report

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