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Morning Read: Advisory Panel Reduces iPad Expansion

LA School Report | November 21, 2013

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LAUSD iPad program gets mixed review from committee
An advisory panel overseeing Los Angeles Unified’s iPad project signed off Wednesday on a $45 million request to expand the technology program to 45 more schools, but it rejected plans to spend $90 million on tablets for every principal and teacher in the district and for students who need to take online state tests next spring. LA Daily News

The LA schools’ iPad adventure keeps getting worse
Commentary: One thing about cautionary tales — the cautions just seem to proliferate as time marches on. That certainly seems to be the case with the LA Unified School District’s increasingly fraught involvement with education by iPad. LA Times

For LAUSD’s iPad opponents, a history lesson
Editorial: There are several possible explanations for the emotional opposition the Los Angeles schools’ iPad program has inspired in some people, such as the 15 who took part this week in a Granada Hills rally featuring a protester dressed as Marie Antoinette and a cake shaped as a tablet computer. LA Daily News

LAO projects huge Prop. 98 increase for K-12 next year
From gloom to boom, how quickly things change. A resurgent economy and recalculations of revenue from the past two years will leave the state budget with a multi-billion-dollar surplus next year and K-12 schools and community colleges with unexpected billions more to spend, according to a projection that the Legislative Analyst’s Office released on Wednesday. EdSource


Common Core. Enter Business?

The Business Roundtable and U.S. Chamber of Commerce are making Common Core a priority but it’s a lift for companies because the payoff from better schools is long-term and the political costs are immediate. That’s why business talks a good game about all the tough stands they will take. EduWonk

Will New Education Funds Reach Students Who Need It Most?
California school districts will soon receive more money for high-needs students, but many parents and advocates are wondering: will the money actually be spent on the students it’s meant for? New American Media

White House to honor South LA educator Daphne Bradford
Daphne Bradford, CEO and founder of the grassroots organization, Mother of Many (M.O.M), which helps prepare South L.A. high schools students for both their college and work career, will receive a “Champions for Change” award from the White House on Thursday, November 21, 2013. Intersections South LA

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