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Morning Read: Scrutinizing the Scores

Hillel Aron | October 12, 2012

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L.A. Schools Improve by State Standards, Not Enough by U.S. Yardstick
Just like across California, campuses are at their highest-achieving level yet, but they aren’t keeping pace with rapidly rising federal targets. LA Times

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The Times also reports that two L.A. schools this year were stripped of an API score because of mistakes or misconduct by a teacher.

Overusing Test for Special Ed Students Inflates API Scores
A deeper look at the results shows not only inflation contributing to the gains but also a substantial policy shift toward lower expectations for special education students in California. Ed Source

California’s New School Budget Math
Add 30 and 38, and what do you get? In California, the answer is zero. The ballot propositions are on the verge of cancelling out each other to produce a big, fat zero. Prop Zero

Obama, Romney Have Similar Basic Views on Education
Both candidates want test scores to be part of teacher evaluations, support extra pay for effective instructors and back the growth of charter schools. One difference is Romney’s support for vouchers. LA Times

Charter School Not Entitled to Choose its Location
The Los Angeles Unified School District did not violate the charter schools initiative by offering to locate a charter school in adjoining classrooms at Belmont High School, contrary to the wishes of the charter school’s directors, this district’s Court of Appeal ruled.  Metropolitan News-Enterprise

LAUSD Axes Successful Art to Grow On Program Right After Unanimous Board Vote to Bring Fine Art Back
The program pays artists to train hundreds of parents to take art into elementary classrooms project by project. It was so successful that today it touts having  served 8,000 kindergarten through 8th grade students a year, has 150 volunteers and 17 private and public schools that participate throughout the Harbor area. City Watch

Former LAUSD School Board Member John Greenwood Dies
Former Los Angeles school board member and Coro Foundation President John Greenwood of San Pedro died unexpectedly early Thursday morning. Daily Breeze

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