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Morning Read: Proposition Countdown

Hillel Aron | October 15, 2012

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How Will You Vote on California’s Propositions? Let’s Start With the Biggies, Props. 30 and 38
The future of California’s education system will be decided Nov. 6, when voters consider two dueling propositions that would raise taxes to support public schools. Daily News

Prop. 30 Inspires Voter Registration Drives Aimed at Students
Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax hike measure is being touted as the only way to avoid tuition increases this year at California’s public universities. Some predict a higher-than-usual turnout.  LA Times

Some Readers Can’t Handle the Truth About Schools’ Precarious State
Steve Lopez fires back at angry commenters after he wrote about the necessity of Props 30 and / or 38. LA Times Opinion

Parent Trigger Group Wins Another Legal Battle
A San Bernardino County Superior Court judge has upheld a ruling that allowed the Desert Trails Parent Union to move forward with plans to convert the failing elementary school into a charter school. KPCC

Second Chance for High School Dropouts in South LA
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled 13 new YouthSource Centers on Friday with four of them located in South Los Angeles, and tasked with the goal of getting high school dropouts to finish their education. Intersections

Disproportionality in Special Ed Poses New Federal Hazard to Districts
More aggressive federal attention to schools potentially mislabeling minority children as disabled has created an operational headache this fall for nearly 50 California districts, with another big cohort targeted for sanctioning next year. SI&A Cabinet Report

Student Discipline Laws, Though Weakened, Still Will Have an Impact
Five bills signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last month raise awareness and pave the way for alternative approaches to out-of-school suspensions and expulsions. EdSource

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