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Morning Read: Billions wasted on teacher training, study says

LA School Report | August 5, 2015

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Study: Billions of dollars in annual teacher training is largely a waste
The study found no evidence that any particular approach or amount of professional development consistently helps teachers improve. Washington Post

Good news for New Orleans
The city has provided the first direct test of an alternative to the system that has dominated American public education for more than a century. Education Next

Maps highlight suspension and expulsion records
The maps were created as part of a conference at the White House last month, which highlighted the cost of suspensions and expulsions. SI&A Cabinet Report

What the new education buzzwords actually mean
Education writing is famous for its alphabet soup of acronyms and obscure terms. The Atlantic

Girls’ math scores higher when teacher is female, researchers say
Researchers said female students reported feeling that their female instructors are more likely to encourage equal participation among students. iSchoolGuide

One of the nation’s largest districts contemplates no sports, activities
School administrators in Virginia’s Fairfax County say they are again facing tough choices about what to keep and what to sacrifice. Washington Post

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