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Morning Read: Board Votes to Limit President’s Terms

Samantha Oltman | March 20, 2013

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L.A. School Board Targets Garcia With Term-Limits Vote
A narrow majority of Los Angeles Board of Education members voted Tuesday to set a limit of two consecutive years for the school board presidency. Unless the new rule is rescinded later, the decision would end the six-year run of current President Monica Garcia in July. LA Times
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LAUSD Can Balance Budget This Year, but Potential Losses Loom
Los Angeles Unified can balance its budget this year thanks to a windfall from voter-approved Proposition 30, but needs lawmakers to pass Gov. Jerry Brown’s new student funding formula to keep its coffers filled next year, district officials said Tuesday. LA Daily News

New School to Teach Entrepreneurship Is Approved, Location Isn’t
A new school to teach middle school students about entrepreneurship was approved Tuesday by the Los Angeles Board of Education. But the board stepped back from original plans to place it at Venice High after several parents and students complained that it would siphon off needed space and resources. LA Times

LAUSD Considers Allowing Students to Enter Magnets All Year Long
Officials are working to set up a system that would allow students to enter popular magnet programs all year long in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The revamped admission process would address a long-standing problem: Programs are oversubscribed during the once-a-year admissions process, but underenrolled during the subsequent academic year. LA Times

Alternative Bill to Speed up Teacher Dismissals Introduced
A year ago, Assemblymember Joan Buchanan cast a deciding vote killing a bill that would have pared back the process for firing teachers and administrators alleged to have done egregious acts against children. EdSource
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Arne Duncan Spars With State K-12 Chiefs Over District Waivers
While most of Duncan’s discussion with the Council of Chief State School Officers was congenial, one point of contention was over district-level No Child Left Behind Act waivers. EdWeek

Assembly Committee Rejects Moving Adult Ed to Community Colleges
In a clear message to Gov. Jerry Brown, an Assembly subcommittee voted unanimously Tuesday to reject his proposal to shift responsibility for adult education programs from K-12 districts to community colleges. EdSource

LAUSD Mom’s Popular Fitness Program Attracts First Lady’s Attention
Before cracking a book or lifting a pencil, students at Overland Elementary School are lifting their arms and legs for 15 minutes. NBC LA

Parental Involvement Seen as Key to ELL Achievement
The number of ELL students has more than doubled since 1989, with Hispanics as the fastest-growing segment of this population. This problem is often mischaracterized as an immigration one, but ELL student demographics suggest otherwise: Only 24 percent of ELL elementary students are foreign-born. EdWeek

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