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Morning Read: Bodycams get a try in Texas, Iowa districts

LA School Report | August 7, 2015

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Bodycams beginning to percolate in two schools
Two school districts are adopting the use of body cameras this fall to record interactions. The Journal

Local year-round schools nearly extinct
Once common in the Inland area, the schedule has all but disappeared as enrollment has slowed in recent years. The Press-Enterprise

CSBA calls on high court to hear lease-back case
CSBA’s Education Legal Alliance, at the forefront of litigating key education issues since 1992, added its voice to that of Fresno Unified. SI&A Cabinet Report

Can black English help black children learn better? One educator believes so
Many educators—black and white—still rebel against the idea of any semblance of black English being used in an educational setting. Hechinger Report

Applying to a UC campus? Now you can choose among six gender identities 
The identity choices, officials said, are intended to help serve the student body of each campus. Los Angeles Times

Who is ‘good enough’ in a Common Core world?
Common Core is a big deal because — until last year — it was all but impossible to compare students across state lines. Not anymore. NPR

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