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Morning Read: Brown Budget Reflects Boost in K-12 Spending

LA School Report | January 9, 2014

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Brown projects big increase in school spending in next budget
With state revenues surging, Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing to raise K-12 spending in next year’s state budget a healthy $725 per student – 8.5 percent on average – and to use additional new dollars to wipe the last $6 billion of late payment to schools, known as deferrals, off the books. EdSource

CTA, school groups back Brown’s latest funding regs
Major players in the state’s powerful Education Coalition have endorsed the latest draft regulations from the Brown administration governing the use of billions of dollars in new money for schools. SI&A Cabinet Report 

Federal guidelines unveiled to avoid racial bias in school discipline
Federal officials kicked up their campaign against discriminatory school discipline policies Wednesday, issuing first-ever guidelines for school districts on how to avoid racial disparities in student punishments. LA Times

Number of major math changes for California students
Math is getting a major makeover. By fall, traditional textbooks mostly will be tossed aside in California classrooms. What’s taught in each grade will get shuffled around and, often, merged. First-graders will get tiny tastes of algebra while learning to add, and middle school students will be exposed to statistics and geometry while still solving for X. SF Chronicle

Gates Foundation considers major Common Core grant  in California
Having largely steered clear of making education grants in California over the last half-decade, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is weighing whether to invest substantially in helping California’s teachers successfully put the Common Core standards into practice. EdSource 

From the Family of Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte
Commentary: The family of Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte sincerely appreciates the acts of kindness, words of comfort and support; expressions of sympathy, cards, flowers, and the enormous outpouring of love, respect, accolades, resolutions, and tributes, that you all have extended in honor of Marguerite. LA Sentinel

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