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Morning Read: Brown’s cautious projections spark grumbling

LA School Report | May 29, 2015

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California budget fight: Predictions more than programs
The state government’s annual fiscal blueprint is drawn not with real data but with projections about tax revenues. KQED

New commission to focus on California’s early education services
A coalition of policymakers, business and community leaders launched a new effort Thursday to “modernize” the state’s early childhood services. KPCC

National Spelling Bee ends in tie for 2nd year in a row
The bee hadn’t ended in a tie for 52 years — until last year. Now it’s happened for an unprecedented two years running. Los Angeles Daily News

Key education bills face legislative deadline
Bills that would increase funding for school transportation, career education and create new academic standards are among the proposals. SI&A Cabinet Report

The ongoing struggle of teacher retention
Getting experienced educators to work in the highest-need schools requires more than bonus pay. The Atlantic

Young Hispanics squeezed between gangs and cops in Central Valley
Young people suffer from hopelessness desperate enough to drive them to join criminal organizations run by men living in prisons hundreds of miles away. VICE

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