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Morning Read: CA lawmakers seeking mandatory Kindergarten

LA School Report | August 24, 2015

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It’s true: Kindergarten is optional in California
Educators and state lawmakers who want to close this achievement gap say it’s time to do away with optional kindergarten for California children. Los Angeles Times

Raising graduation bar poses challenges for school districts
More than 65,000 LAUSD students were funneled into summer school this year because they were behind on credits. EdSource

LAUSD reaches settlement in music teacher sex abuse case
At least four former students, who were not identified, accused Vance Miller of having sex with them while they attended the high school. Los Angeles Times

Irvine police flub active shooter drill at elementary school
No shots were fired, but parents said they were concerned at the apparent lack of coordination at the police department. CBS Los Angeles

U.S. schools are too focused on standardized tests, poll says
The results released Sunday come from the 47th annual PDK/Gallup poll of attitudes toward public schools. Washington Post

New twist on accountability: focus on existing reports
State officials appear to be focused on using a number of existing academic and fiscal reports to help explain how well schools doing. SI&A Cabinet Report

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