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Morning Read: CA Schools depart from memorization in science

LA School Report | August 18, 2014

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Common Core: CA schools shift science teaching away from memorization
California is at a critical stage in carrying out a wholesale change of how it teaches science and other core topics. It’s a process that takes time when you’re working with nearly six million students. KPCC

Of aching backs and digital textbooks
It won’t be long before hardback textbooks – some weighing as much as five pounds – will become relics of the past, replaced by digital versions. S&I Cabinet Report

Classrooms key battlefields in War on Poverty
Editorial: Of the many battlefields where the half-century-old War on Poverty has been fought, there may be none so important — or difficult to conquer — as our public classrooms. LA Daily News

S.F. teachers miss more school than students on average
While absenteeism is usually considered a student matter, in San Francisco – and many other districts – the average teacher misses more school than the average child. SF Gate

64 San Fernando Valley elementary schools to get new playground toys
A whoop of joy swept through the crowd of students at Kittridge Elementary School Friday as they watched their L.A. Unified School Board representative open a truck filled with hoops, ropes and soccer balls. LA Daily News

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