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Morning Read: California zaps 15 years of test scores from website

LA School Report | August 27, 2015

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State removes 15 years of test results before releasing new scores
California Department of Education officials have repeatedly cautioned against comparing students’ scores on past state standardized tests. EdSource

Millikan students studied math with no air conditioning for days
The air conditioning outage in Room 71 was reported on Thursday. Los Angeles Daily News

California Supreme Court won’t hear Fresno Unified leaseback case
LA Unified filed a brief in support of Fresno Unified earlier this month, saying the appellate court’s opinion has created “uncertainty and conflict.” Fresno Bee

Palo Alto: Board increases home loan for superintendent to $1.5M
Even with a six-figure salary, Superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee is having trouble buying a home in the city. San Jose Mercury News

SBE to set attendance mark for federal reporting
The action follows adoption earlier this year of several amendments to the state’s federally-required accountability plan. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chicago hunger strike to save Dyett High School reaches ninth day
The activists demand the Chicago Board of Education turn Dyett into a leadership and green technology academy. International Business Times

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