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Morning Read: Healthy Food, Ballot Fights

Hillel Aron | October 26, 2012

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Board Member Nury Martinez Wants Schools to Serve Healthier Food
Los Angeles Unified board member Nury Martinez has introduced a resolution promoting the school district’s efforts to ensure that its 700,000 students have access to healthful food that is locally grown with sound environmental practices. Daily News

Charles Munger Drops Another $13 Million Into Ballot Measure Fights
Wealthy heir Charles Munger Jr. has ponied up another $13 million to kill off Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax increase and to pass the anti-union Proposition 32, according to new campaign finance reports. Sac Bee

College Students to Dress Like Zombies and March for Prop. 30 in ‘The Walking Debt’
California Community College students are planning to dress up like zombies Friday afternoon and take part in “The Walking Debt” — a march from L.A. City Hall to the governor’s Downtown office in support of Prop. 30 and education funding. KPCC

L.A. City Council Celebrates Charter School Leaders
The Los Angeles City Council is taking time out from its Friday meeting to praise local charter school advocates as California’s charter school law turns 20 years old. Los Angeles Councilwoman, and mayoral candidate, Jan Perry has prepared a proclamation for L.A.’s charter school leaders. KPCC

Election Fallout Will Claim Many Important, Less Visible Projects
The work of updating California’s teacher performance assessment, for example, could be set back as education programs statewide brace for another round of big cuts if voters turn down tax measures on Nov. 6. SI&A Cabinet Report 

Report: Weighted Student Formula Alone Not Enough
Less experienced, lower paid teachers tend to teach in schools with the poorest children, while veteran, higher paid teachers work predominantly in schools with fewer needy children, contributing to significant funding disparities among schools within most of the state’s largest school districts. Ed Source

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