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Morning Read: Coalition opposes Brown’s rainy day measure

LA School Report | August 13, 2014

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School leaders oppose Brown’s rainy day measure
A coalition of some of the state’s most influential education groups is rallying opposition to a Constitutional amendment placed on the November ballot by the Legislature that would require the state to reconstruct a rainy day fund for use in lean budget years. S&I Cabinet Report

California awarded $10.7 million to pay for advanced course tests
California has received $10.7 million from the U.S. Department of Education to prepare low-income and underserved high school students for colleges and careers by partially covering the costs of advanced course tests. LA Times

Bills seek to curb chronic absenteeism
A lot of kids miss a day of school here and there. But some are chronically absent or late. Now some California lawmakers want to crack down on the problem. Capital Public Radio

Teachers poised to strike in San Ysidro
Teachers in the small, cash-strapped San Ysidro School District are poised to walk off the job after months of bitter negotiations over a proposed 8 percent pay cut and failed state mediation. UT San Diego

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