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Morning Read: Congress continues debate on NCLB rewrite

LA School Report | July 14, 2015

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5 questions on education law overhaul
The GOP-controlled Congress is hoping to enact a six-year renewal of the measure that would include changes to education policy. USA Today

Is there a kinder, gentler way to get anti-vaxxers to see the light?
Some of the first people to notice the anti-vaccination phenomenon in California were Santa Monica physicians like pediatrician Alice Kuo. LA Weekly

Some teachers are evaluated using the test scores of kids they didn’t teach
Forty-two states across the country have moved in recent years to evaluate all teachers at least in part on student test score growth. Slate

Fostering a growth mindset is key to teaching STEM
Sure, STEM can be hard, but telling kids “not everyone can do it” may make both boys and girls less inclined to try. US News & World Report

Schools still can’t save for a rainy day
Legislators struggle to overturn the unpopular union-backed reserve cap. San Diego Union-Tribune

Chokeholds, brain injuries, beatings: When school cops go bad
At least 28 students have been seriously injured—and one killed—in the past 5 years. Mother Jones

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