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Morning Read: Cracking Down on Misconduct

LA School Report | May 13, 2013

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LAUSD Cracks Down on Teacher Misconduct; 100 Fired, 200 Resign, 300 ‘Housed’
Under the zero-tolerance policy that Deasy enacted after the Miramonte Elementary sex-abuse scandal erupted in February 2012, the school board has voted to dismiss more than 100 teachers for misconduct, and accepted the resignations of at least 200 others who were about to be terminated. Daily News

The LAUSD Misconduct Files, Teacher by Teacher: Dr. John Deasy Chronicles 15 months of Accusations Against Educators Who Were Terminated
In a series of interviews, Superintendent John Deasy chronicled the cases of classroom employees in Los Angeles Unified fired for misconduct over the last 15 months. Daily News

Villaraigosa-Backed School Board Candidate Leads Money Race
Antonio Sanchez has collected more than $67,000 in contributions for a May 21 runoff in District 6, which stretches across the east San Fernando Valley. Opponent Monica Ratliff has raised nearly $27,000, according to reports posted Friday by the city Ethics Commission. LA Times 

LAUSD Fighting For Zero-Tolerance on Teacher Cheating
The school district says a decision by a state panel — determining there was test-score cheating but the teacher shouldn’t be fired — sends the wrong message. LA Times

LAUSD Board Could Ban Suspensions for ‘Willful Defiance’
Backers of the resolution say ‘zero tolerance’ is harming kids. ‘Instead of punishing students, we’re going to engage them,’ says one supporter. LA Times

Dan Walters: Love Could Kill Jerry Brown’s School Plan
Dozens of school finance players, including Brown’s fellow Democrats in the Legislature, have expressed conceptual support for Brown’s plan. However, they attach caveats that their full support would depend on his accepting some changes. The net effect of all those demands, if granted, could be to leave the present system – one that no one defends – largely intact. Sac Bee

5 Key Differences Between Garcetti and Greuel
Voters who are trying to make up their minds don’t need to know how alike the candidates are. They need to know the differences. LA Weekly

Math By Way of Art: For Pasadena School, Arts Plus Math is Really Adding Up
Administrators and teachers are grappling with how to boost math scores to prepare students for an increasingly technology based work force. Jefferson Elementary in Pasadena may hold some of the answers. The school’s been using art to teach its students math. KPCC

Officials Address Restroom Problem at Locke High
After an outbreak of vandalism last year, the school removed damaged privacy stalls from its two boys restrooms and did not replace them for months. LA Times 

Limerick Elementary Makes Breakfast in Classroom Program a Success
Limerick is among 288 schools participating in the first year of Breakfast in the Classroom, with three more campuses asking to join before the school year ends. Plans call for having 318 schools aboard next year and 609 campuses participating by the end of 2014-15. Daily News

Lower-Income Districts Would Benefit From 55 Percent Parcel Tax Threshold, Study Suggests
Only about one in eight school districts in California have passed a parcel tax, and they predominantly have been wealthier and smaller districts. But if the threshold for passing a parcel tax were dropped from a two-thirds majority to 55 percent, an EdSource analysis suggests more districts with larger enrollments of low-income students would pass them. Ed Source

Tax Collections Officially Pp $4.6B, Making Next Week’s May Revise Much Easier
Led by a jump in personal income taxes, the state’s revenue picture continues to improve even though April itself was down slightly and state spending ran well ahead of estimates. Still, the state’s chief fiscal officer noted the state for the first time in six years didn’t have to raid any internal accounts to pay its bills. SI&A Cabinet Report

An Open Letter From One UTLA Teacher to the UTLA Board of Directors
“I am totally befuddled by your school board endorsements” 4LAKids

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