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Morning Read: Reinstatement for Former Vladovic Chief of Staff

LA School Report | July 1, 2013

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2 LAUSD Officials Demoted, Principal Leaves over Handling of Sex-Abuse Complaints
David Kooper, another subject of the inquiry, has been reinstated as principal of Gulf Avenue Elementary. In 2009, Kooper was chief of staff to South Bay school board member Richard Vladovic. Daily Breeze 

LAUSD Loses Molestation Coverage in New Insurance Policies
Facing multimillion dollar sex-abuse settlements, Los Angeles Unified signed contracts Friday to buy five liability insurance policies for the next fiscal year starting Monday, but was unable to get coverage for molestation, officials said. LA Daily News 

Superintendent’s Effort to do Right by His Kids
Host Michel Martin speaks with Deasy about the things that keep him up at night, and what he enjoys most about his job. NPR 

At Crenshaw High, Those Left Behind are Skeptical of Changes
“I knew I was a target,” said Caputo-Pearl, 44, a history instructor and vocal teachers-union leader. “But I feel good. I feel really grateful to have built the relationships I have built at Crenshaw, and I know those aren’t ending — I live down the street, I see people around the neighborhood.” LA Times

At Retooled Summer Schools, Creativity, Not Just Catch-Up
Just a few years ago, school districts around the country were slashing summer classes as the economic downturn eviscerated their budgets. Now, despite continuing budgetary challenges, districts are re-envisioning summer school as something more than a compulsory exercise where students who need to make up lost credits fight to stay awake inside humid classrooms. NY Times

College Prep, Career Readiness, and The Common Core Revolution
On Sunday, June 30, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, and Congressman Eric Cantor join in conversation with moderator and education philanthropist Lynda Resnick about the hard work of creating a paradigm shift in how we equip our children for a radically changing global economy. Huffington Post 

Parents Reeling over Closure of Indigenous Charter High School
Situated on a busy section of Huntington Drive in East Los Angeles, the Anahuacalmecac International Preparatory High School has been teaching teenagers about their indigenous roots and culture for five years. KPCC 

UC Programs in Lieu of Affirmative Action Show Limited Success
In the nearly two decades since California voters banned the use of affirmative action in college admissions, the two most competitive University of California schools — UCLA and Berkeley — saw enrollments of black and Latino students plunge and have struggled to recover. LA Times 

Lawmakers Scuttle School Parcel Tax Ballot Measure in Favor of Open Records
Just weeks after California Democrats won an historic super majority in the state Legislature came an announcement that one of the first exercises of that power would be placing a constitutional amendment before voters lowering the threshold for schools to pass parcel taxes. SI&A Cabinet Report 

Student Discipline Must Move Beyond ‘Willful Defiance,’ Educators Say
California schools urgently need strategies for discipline that help children learn from mistakes, make reparations for harm and go on to succeed, a group of educators said last week in support of a bill that would dramatically change school discipline practices by banning the use of “willful defiance” in meting out expulsion and restricting its use in mandating suspension. EdSource 

K-12 Districts, Groups Turn to Mobile ‘Crowdsourcing’ to Solve Problems
California’s Poway Unified School District tried an experiment this year: district officials used crowdsourcing to find the best and most innovative ways to improve safety and security in the district. EdWeek 

Obama to Teach Kids to Promote Obamacare
Los Angeles Unified School District will use almost $1 million to meet its goal to trains teens “to be messengers to family members” about how to take advantage of taxpayer subsidized health care, known best as Obamacare. WND

Reviving History Instruction: What’s Old is New Again
STEM careers may be promoted as the wave of the future, but history advocates say students still need to know about the past. EdWeek

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