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Morning Read: Deasy says dismissals have surged

LA School Report | January 29, 2014

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L.A. teacher firings spiked but still costly and lengthy, Deasy says
Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy acknowledged Tuesday that teacher dismissals have surged recently, but he insisted Tuesday that state laws still made the process too lengthy and costly. Deasy was on the witness stand for a second day in a high-profile trial over the state’s job protections for teachers, which are among the most extensive in the nation. LA Times

New money for adult ed contemplated
A key legislative panel is set this week to review the status of adult education in the state just a year after lawmakers rejected Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to shift administration of the program to community colleges because too many K-12 school districts significantly reduced services during the recession. SI&A Cabinet Report

Seven Los Angeles school structures will get seismic upgrades
At least seven LA school structures have a type of concrete construction believed to be vulnerable to collapse from earthquake shaking, a Los Angeles Unified School District official acknowledged. Plans are underway to retrofit or replace those structures, said Roger Finstad, LAUSD manager of maintenance and operations. NBC Los Angeles

State, federal agencies will look for environmental hazards
The Los Angeles Unified School District is among several Southern California school districts that will go under an environmental microscope. A pilot project between state and federal agencies will look for health problems inside and in the neighborhoods around schools, including those in the LAUSD. CBS Los Angeles

Coherent and sequenced curriculum key to implementing Common Core
Commentary: The Common Core State Standards state what students should master, but they are not a curriculum. Jumping from the standards to create lesson plans misses a crucial middle step of developing a coherent curriculum. EdSource

Early-education advocates welcome fresh federal infusion
Pregnant women, infants, and children up to age 3 could end up being particular beneficiaries of the $1 billion boost that early-childhood education received in the recently approved federal spending bill, signed into law by President Barack Obama Jan. 17. EdWeek

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