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Morning Read: Does LAUSD need a new teacher discipline system?

LA School Report | July 13, 2015

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Has LAUSD’s approach to teacher discipline gone too far?
In the wake of the Miramonte child abuse scandal, the Los Angeles school district took unprecedented steps to better protect students. Los Angeles Times

Why LAUSD wants exemption from low-bidder law
Supporters of Assembly Bill 1185 say it will save money by letting the district pick the company it deems most suited for the job. Los Angeles Daily News

Aspire sees opportunity to grow teacher residencies
Aspire Public Schools is convinced that its intensive year-long residency program is the best method to train teachers, but it’s expensive. Ed Source

Commentary: Confederate names have no place on California schools
New state Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) has introduced a bill to prohibit calling a public school, building, park or road anything Confederate. Los Angeles Times

CA looks for options to ‘highly qualified’ teachers for all
The federal government has tried to address the issue of educator inequity in schools through a series of updates to the ESEA. SI&A Cabinet Report

Study: Low-income, minority kids get worst teachers in Washington State
A labor economist proposes higher teacher salaries for tougher schools. Hechinger Report

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