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Morning Read: Election Day

Hillel Aron | November 6, 2012

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Today is Election Day. Go vote!

Gov. Jerry Brown Crisscrosses California in Final Prop. 30 Push
To shore up support for Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown goes on a 5-city swing to tout his proposal to raise taxes and head off deep cuts to public education. LA Times

Californians Started the Tax Revolt 34 Years Ago. Will They End It Today?
Today, at the behest of the same governor who came to personify the start of the tax revolt in America, Californians will decide whether they’ve had enough. After watching school funding and basic service funding atrophy for over a decade, is it finally time to call off the tax revolt? In a few hours, we’ll find out. Mother Jones

Whatever Happens to California’s Proposition 30, the Tax Revolt is Alive and Well, writes Slate’s Matthew Yglesias

Dan Walters: Campaign Disclosure Shouldn’t Be This Complicated
The dustup over the money reached a climax of sorts Monday when the Arizona organization that sent the money into California seemingly backed down and said that it came from two other nonprofit organizations that may not have to reveal their contributors under any circumstances. Sac Bee

SBE’s Packed Agenda Includes Testing Revision, Common Core Textbook Release
Critical steps are expected to be taken this week by the California State Board of Education in revising statewide testing, providing new textbooks aligned to the common core and updating curriculum standards in English language development. SI&A Cabinet Report

Ed Source has more on the Common Core vote

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