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Morning Read: Deasy Becomes Key Issue in School Board Races

Samantha Oltman | February 27, 2013

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Deasy Group Aids 3 School Board Candidates
Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy isn’t on the ballot Tuesday, but you’d hardly know it, based on the undercurrent of the school board election. LA Times

Special Interests Spend Millions, Greuel and James on the Attack
Nearly $4 million in independent spending has poured into Los Angeles election campaigns in recent weeks. A Times analysis finds that more than three-quarters comes from groups tied to unions. LA Times

Why Did the L.A. Times Endorse Felipe Fuentes for City Council?
Last year, for example, the California Teachers Association wrote a bill for Fuentes that would have removed student test scores from teacher evaluations. LA Weekly

Low-Income Preschool Students Threatened Under Sequestration
Head Start programs in Los Angeles may have to close their doors if Congress doesn’t find a way to prevent billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts by March 1. NBC LA

LAUSD to Hire New Sex-Abuse Investigators
With awareness of child molestation heightened since the Miramonte Elementary case broke a year ago, Los Angeles Unified is creating a special team to investigate sex-abuse allegations. LA Daily News

Students Show Progress Under Teacher-Bonus System
A performance-bonus system that made use of “student learning objectives”—academic growth goals set by teachers in consultation with their principals—helped improve student achievement in schools using the measure, concludes a new study issued today. EdWeek

East L.A. Youth Football Leagues Lose Out After Adult Violence
Fearing a flare-up in gang activity, L.A. County and L.A. Unified have blocked the Bobcats and the Bulldogs from play after an adult fight turned fatal. LA Times

This Is What’s Wrong With Teacher Evaluations
As I write this article, debates and arguments surrounding teacher evaluations rage from coast to coast. While the introduction of a new teacher evaluation in Georgia hasn’t garnered the same amount of attention as New York or Los Angeles, it’s equally important. Take Part Op-Ed

Brown’s School Aid Plan Highlights Class Conflict
Whenever the governor or the Legislature proposes a change in how California’s public schools are financed, someone almost immediately creates a spreadsheet that shows which districts would gain money and which would lose. Modesto Bee Opinion

Americorps to Send Volunteers to Nation’s Worst Schools
U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has announced a $15 million grant to deploy Americorps volunteers to some of the worst schools in the country. Schools have a little more than a month to apply for the volunteers—and there is a string or two attached. KPCC

Assembly Student Suspension Bill Fits Newest Pediatric Advice
A California lawmaker is back this session with another bill aimed at limiting school suspensions or expulsions.  But this time around, Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson’s AB 420 is backed by further evidence and opinion. SI&A Cabinet Report

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