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Morning Read: House passes partisan NCLB rewrite

LA School Report | July 10, 2015

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House leaders muster passage of education bill
The House bill would streamline federal programs and includes language that would allow Title I dollars to follow students to public schools of their choice. Politico

County closes down Boyle Heights alternative school
A small high school in Boyle Heights was forced to close its door on short notice in June leaving 40 or so students scrambling. EGP News

As Latino population surges, gaps in income and education may shrink
Overall, Latinos have lower incomes, education and job skills than the average white Californian. Los Angeles Times

More MiSiS problems: Summer school grades for some students disappear
According to district administrators, summer school grades submitted to MiSiS seemingly disappeared from the system. KPCC

New York swaps state test-makers amid strife over exams
The previous contract was held by Pearson, an international education company that has become a lightning rod in education policy around the country. New York Times

What should replace No Child Left Behind?
The White House is calling for rules that tell states when to intervene in low-performing schools. PBS Newshour

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