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Morning Read: How big of a threat to unions is the Friedrichs case?

LA School Report | August 3, 2015

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Is the Friedrichs case an ‘existential threat’ to the teachers’ unions?
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Friedrichs vs. California case next year, giving it a chance to strike down union “agency fees.” Education Next

Neighbors push back against private schools’ plans to expand
Elite private campuses throughout the Los Angeles area are embarking on big-ticket upgrades to satisfy growing demand for cutting-edge education. Los Angeles Times

Promising algebra study gets second act
Researchers working with some 13,000 students in 18 school districts over a three-year period may have solved one of public education’s great conundrums. SI&A Cabinet Report

Chris Christie to teachers union: You deserve a punch in the face
Christie said the union cares only about higher wages and benefits and not about children. Washington Post

Can schools integrate when neighborhoods do?
Parents and educators at a San Francisco elementary school hope their changing community means better times ahead. Hechinger Report

Irvine family seeks lawsuit against school district after son’s suicide
Darrell and Kristi Kirkland allege that their son was driven to suicide after being subjected to “intense verbal and physical bullying by his classmates.” Orange County Register

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