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Morning Read: Inside the battle against California’s charter schools

LA School Report | February 18, 2016

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Inside the fight against California’s charter schools
Twenty-five years after the California Charter School Act allowed public money to fund charter schools, advocates across the state are waging legal and legislative fights.
Los Angeles Times, by Maureen Magee

Is cleaning house the best way for schools to deal with sexual abuse?
Sexual-abuse scandals often lead school leaders to promise tighter screening of job applicants, but effective screening against potential abuse is difficult.
Washington Post, by Marc Fisher

U.S. health officials are finally paying attention to Palo Alto school suicides
The CDC wants to get to the bottom of two separate “suicide clusters” that have rocked a Silicon Valley high school.
Huffington Post, by Willa Frej

Gov. Brown proposes competition to create new high school math course
Tucked inside Gov. Brown’s projected budget is a proposal for an unusual state-funded competition to address a long-standing challenge facing high school seniors.
EdSource, by Matthew Blake

Removing barriers to students from the juvenile justice system
Nearly 66 percent of students released nationally from the juvenile court school system do not return to traditional school. In California, students face multiple hurdles.
Cabinet Report, by Alisha Kirby

Sacramento schools may allow special-needs students to avoid vaccines
School leaders say state law doesn’t clearly spell out whether special education students can attend school if they are not vaccinated.
Sacramento Bee, by Diana Lambert

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