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Morning Read: Better Ratings, Better Teachers

Hillel Aron | September 7, 2012

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Steinberg hoping this time Brown will sign bill changing API Ed Source: President pro tem of the State Senate Darrell Steinberg wants to alter the mix of factors that determine a school’s Academic Performance Index (API), which he argues is too tied to standardized test scores, predominantly math and English language arts, along with, to a smaller degree, science and history and the high school exit exam.

Torlakson’s teacher panel finalizes report on improving quality SI&A Report: A blue-ribbon state panel on improving teacher quality in California calls for more rigorous monitoring of preparation programs and more aggressive enforcement of state standards, sources familiar with the report said Thursday.

Teachers union gives another $6.9 million to Prop. 32 fight LA Times: California’s largest teachers union is literally doubling down to fight Proposition 32, the November ballot measure that promises to eliminate special-interest money in politics.

Heat wave costs LAUSD more than $400K in AC repairs Daily News: Los Angeles Unified maintenance crews racked up more than $400,000 in overtime repairing overloaded air-conditioning units during the heat wave that swamped the region during the opening days of school, officials said.

Manhattan Beach students caught in middle of teacher pay dispute KPCC: After contract negotiations with the small school district broke down, the Manhattan Beach Unified Teachers Assn. issued a number of directives last week to its roughly 300 members, including to: not commit to letters of recommendation; not sponsor or advise clubs; not open their classrooms before class, at lunch, or after school; and not volunteer for extracurricular or additional duties.

Oakland Unified cuts off funds for private school, but troubles remain California Watch: Oakland distributed $474,344, more than any district except the far-larger Los Angeles Unified School District.

Public School Teacher, Reveals Night Job As Sex Dominatrix HuffPo: Darlene has been a school teacher at a southern California school for nearly 20 years, but she also spent 18 of those also playing the role of a professional dominatrix at night. For her, the two roles didn’t have any major contradiction.

‘Drug free’ clubs launch at Santa Clarita high schools LA Times: The new “drug free” social clubs at Santa Clarita high schools offer field trips, dances and counseling. But there’s a catch: Members must agree to random drug tests.

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