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Morning Read: Poll Numbers

Hillel Aron | August 22, 2012

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• Yes on 30 up, Yes on 38 down: A USC poll finds that 54.5% of likely voters support Proposition 30, Governor Brown’s tax hike to spare public schools from budget cuts. Only 40% support Molly Munger’s measure, Prop 38, which raises even more revenue. (Via John Myers) The LAUSD board voted yesterday to support both measures.

• Transitional kindergarten welcomes young students: Did you know that, for the first time since 1891, California schools have a new grade level? Transitional kindergarten is a two-year program for, yes, kids too young for regular kindergarten. Jerry Brown had wanted to cut the plan, at one point, but lawmakers fought back. The Bay Citizen

• September declared school attendance month: Yesterday, LA City Council took some time out of their busy schedule to declare September “School Attendance Month.” The proclamation has no effect whatsoever but comes with a very fancy certificate. LAUSD Tumblr

• Clovis Unified sued over abstinence-only sex education: One student in the Fresno County school district was taught (allegedly) that HIV could be spread by kissing. The district’s sex ed classes (allegedly) leave out all mention of condoms and contraception. The suit was filed by the ACLU. LA Times

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