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Morning Read: LA based charter opens campuses in other states

LA School Report | July 2, 2014

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Green Dot, based in L.A., plans to open schools in other states
Green Dot Public Schools, a locally based group of charter campuses, announced this week it has set up a national organization to manage expansion into Tennessee and Washington. Green Dot has been one of the best known local charter organizations and one of the larger ones in the country, with 21 schools, 11,000 students and a $130-million budget. LA Times

Keeping students safe from the ground up
The flurry of legislative proposals that often follows a school shooting most often take aim at gun restrictions or shoring up mental health services.But there are other steps that can be taken to improve campus security – among them, building strategically-designed school facilities or adding safety upgrades to the existing ones. S&I Cabinet Report

iPads year 2: LA schools to launch teacher prep course
The Los Angeles Unified school district is developing a digital course to help over 700 schools ease into its $1.3 billion technology program. Schools just getting the tablets in the coming school year will select teachers, administrators and students to lead roll out. Staff will be required to complete the self-guided course in addition to in-person professional development before the computers are distributed. KPCC

Teachers and education reform, on a need to know basis
Commentary: A couple of weeks ago, the website published an article entitled, “11 facts about U.S. teachers and schools that put the education reform debate in context.” The article, in the wake of the Vergara decision, is supposed to provide readers with the “basic facts” about the current education reform environment, with a particular emphasis on teachers. Most of the 11 facts are based on descriptive statistics. Shanker Blog

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