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Morning Read: LA becoming a hub for ed-tech startups

LA School Report | July 8, 2015

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Ed-tech start-ups envision L.A. as a hub for the growing sector
A growing contingent of LA start-ups wants the attention to shift to a new sector: educational technology. Los Angeles Times

Contemplating better training for substitutes
The shortage of substitute teachers nationwide is shining a spotlight on the adequacy of those who are available. SI&A Cabinet Report

Personalized learning is especially good for students of color
“Personalized learning” lets the students dictate the direction and pace of instruction. Hechinger Report

Report: Technology purchases driving up back-to-school budgets
Parents are spending more on school supplies this year, mostly for technology purchases, according to a new report. The Journal

Editorial: Must the courts improve California’s schools?
Lawsuits aren’t the best way to improve schools. But sometimes they’re the only way. Los Angeles Times

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