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Morning Read: LAUSD ends review on Miramonte abuse

LA School Report | May 7, 2014

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LAUSD quietly disbands Miramonte child-abuse investigative panel
The Los Angeles school district has quietly shut down a high-profile special investigative panel intended to review the Miramonte Elementary child-abuse case, citing its cost. The school system had pledged to form the commission in 2012 as a measure of its commitment to protect students after the arrest of veteran elementary teacher Mark Berndt, who was charged with lewd conduct. LA Times

Preliminary quake map shows fault lines under schools, hotels, homes
Early a century ago, as Hollywood rose from lemon groves, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church was built on a steep slope near Yucca Street. But it was only this year that the pastor found out his church may lie atop an earthquake fault capable of tearing it in two. LA Times

Holocaust writing assignment prompts emergency school board meeting
Rialto school board members will hold an emergency meeting Wednesday in response to widespread criticism of an eighth-grade writing assignment that asked students to consider sources that contend the Holocaust never happened. LA Times

Draft accountability plans raise concerns about usefulness to parents

California school districts are in the process of drafting plans detailing how they intend to spend state education dollars and, so far, most of the documents are dense with education jargon, acronyms and legalese. And in many cases, they don’t provide a clear picture of how districts will use state funds to improve the academic performance of “high-needs” students. Edsource

Tech leaders want more computer education in California schools
Leaders of key technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Twitter and have written to the Governor of California Jerry Brown offering to partner with the state to increase computer education in kindergarten to 12th grade schools. 90 percent of these K-12 schools do not currently teach computer science. On the other hand, there is a mismatch between the number of computer science jobs and graduates in the state, according to the letter which is signed by business executives as well as organizations active in the area of education. PC World

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