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Morning Read: LAUSD teachers censure student tracking program

LA School Report | August 21, 2014

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L.A. Unified teachers decry new student tracking system
Los Angeles Unified spent about $112 million on an online student tracking program a decade ago but dumped it two years ago in favor of another one that promised a streamlined way to manage enrollment, attendance and grades for the nation’s second-largest school district. LA Times

Moving past zero tolerance in L.A. schools
Editorial: The Los Angeles Unified School District this week took a welcome step away from a longstanding disciplinary system in which police issued citations to students ages 13 to 17 who committed minor offenses, a system that effectively criminalizes what is often merely coming-of-age behavior while emphasizing punishment over education. LA Times

Gov. Jerry Brown should spell out how he’d fund school construction
Commentary: California governors have enormous power to shove around legislatures. And Gov. Jerry Brown has learned how to use it without working up a sweat. LA Times

L.A. County questions LAUSD spending on poor children
Los Angeles Unified officials will have to explain how they spent $700 million to help needy children last year, before county education officials approve a proposed three-year plan for additional state revenue. LA Daily News

Summer ends before Labor Day for many kids
Historically, Labor Day has had a bittersweet quality – marking the end of a months-long summer break for students, and relief for parents who are able to finally send their children back to school and return to their regular routines. But that historical pattern no longer exists in California. EdSource

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